2018/03/13 – King Kong – Repatriation – Irie Ites

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King Kong's album intituled "Repatriation" is out on CD & Digital and the 13th of April on LP. This opus is composed of 12 tracks including 2 featurings with Eek A Mouse, Burro Banton and Pinchers.
The musicians who participated in this project are the Roots Radics, Sly & Robbie, Naram & Art, Russ D, Bongo Herman, Leroy Mafia, Dwight Pinkney,... Which gives this project an international dimension. Go back into the atmosphere of the Rub A Dub and the Digital of the 80's thanks to these original versions played by the cream of reggae musicians !

Great Album !

Special attention to “Money Could A Buy”! My Favourite Song !


01. Money Could A Buy

02. Gwaan

03. Pree The Money

04. Repatriation

05. Change

06. Old School feat. Burru Banton & Pinchers

07. Just A Grow

08. Wake Up The Town feat. Eek A Mouse

09. Rootsman Skanking

10. Dancehall Teacher

11. Licky Licky

12. After Midnight