2020/01/27 - Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites: Freedom / Fire Corner - 2CD – Doctor Bird

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Dois álbums CLÁSSICOS trazidos de volta em 2020 com uma "carrada" de bónus !

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The dawning of the rock steady sound, late in 1966, eliminated the need for record producers to employ horn sections, a consequence of which was to significantly reduce studio costs. The development enabled a new generation of young, dynamic music makers to make a mark upon Jamaica’s recording industry and of these, few proved more successful or influential than Clancy Eccles. By the late Sixties, Eccles had become firmly established as one of the island’s premiere producers, having been a pivotal figure in the development of reggae during the latter half of 1968. The following year he scored his biggest hit, the rambunctious ‘Fattie Fattie’, which sold in huge amounts both at home and the UK, where a chart placing for the disc was only denied by the lack of recognition of sales from Jamaican music retailers. The single’s popularity prompted Trojan Records to issue Eccles’s debut long-player, “Freedom”, which gathered the best of his self-produced recordings as a singer. The album’s release coincided with a second LP of his work that showcased his most recent instrumental productions with top session crew, the Dynamites, along with a trio of tracks featuring pioneering DJ toaster, King Stitt, whose ground-breaking hit, ‘Fire Corner’, provided the collection’s title.

Both of these seminal boss reggae sets feature on this essential 2CD compilation, which is further enhanced by 13 additional vocal sides from the late Sixties along with the remaining recorded works of both King Stitt and the Dynamites, from 1969: the year reggae went outernational.

• “Freedom” makes its CD debut
• Includes some of biggest Jamaican hits of the late 1960s
• Numerous tracks unavailable on CD for decades




CD1: FREEDOM – Clancy Eccles
1. FREEDOM – Clancy Eccles
3. TWO OF A KIND – Clancy & Cynthia
5. DOLLAR TRAIN – Clancy Eccles
6. CONSTANTINOPLE – Clancy Eccles
7. FATTIE FATTIE – Clancy Eccles
8. AUNTIE LULU – Clancy Eccles
9. SHU BE DU – Clancy Eccles
10. MY GIRL – Clancy Eccles
11. I NEED YOU – Clancy Eccles
12. MOUNT ZION – Clancy & Scully
13. OPEN UP – Clancy Eccles
14. DARLING DON’T DO THAT – Clancy Eccles
15. FESTIVAL ’68 – Clancy Eccles
16. THE REVENGE – Clancy Eccles
17. BANGARANG CRASH – Clancy Eccles
18. THE BIG FIGHT – Clancy Eccles
19. DON’T BRAG DON’T BOAST – Clancy Eccles
20. DEACON DON – Clancy Eccles
21. GREAT (BEAT) – Clancy Eccles
22. CHINAMAN – Clancy Eccles
23. OH MY LOVER – Clancy & Cynthia
24. DANCE BEAT (VERSION I) – Clancy & Stitt
25. FATTIE FATTIE (ALT. VERSION) – Clancy Eccles

CD2: FIRE CORNER The Dynamites
1. ETERNALLY – The Dynamites
2. SAM-FIE – The Dynamites
3. I DID IT – Winston Wright & The Dynamites
4. THIS IS THE NIGHT – Winston Wright
5. ONE WAY STREET – Winston Wright
6. JOHN PUBLIC – The Dynamites
7. MR MIDNIGHT – The Dynamites
8. SOUL LANGUAGE – King Stitt
9. SAY WHAT YOU SAY – Winston Wright
10. VIGORTON 2 – King Stitt
11. NEXT CORNER – The Dynamites
12. FIRE CORNER – King Stitt
13. RATHID – The Dynamites
14. WHO YEA – King Stitt
16. ON THE STREET – King Stitt
17. MERCILINA – The Dynamites
18. SILBERT DRAGON – Winston Wright
19. LICK IT BACK – King Stitt
20. LAST CALL – The Dynamites
21. ROUGH ROAD – Winston Wright
22. I FOR I – King Stitt
23. SWEET AFRICA – Val Bennett
24. THE LION WAKES – Winston Wright
25. DANCE BEAT (VERSION II) – Clancy & Stitt