2020/02/05 – The High Reeds – “Stand Firm” – Blue Mountain / Musical Impact

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The High Reedsare back! “Stand firm” marks a new step for the band, who is delivering a new album with a powerful and incisive sound. This album is already a heavyweight. The impact and depth can be felt right from the first notes. The band's alchemy, vocals and melodies accompanied by rocking drum and bass find their right place with the unique mix of Pilahand his subtle use of the delay and space echoes. Lyon's own Lee Perry with a reputation going as far as Japan.With this new album, The High Reedsoffer to the public an amazing modern roots reggae and draw inspiration from the Jamaican foundations while bringing their own touch soul, groove & dub, their unique style called “Blue Reggae”!The richness of the ten compositions expressed on « Stand Firm» is found in remarkable diversity. Between one drop, rocksteady and stepper, The High Reedssucceed in a tracklisting which combines nyabinghi-folk feelings and dubs as atmospheric as corrosive. With this opus, the quartet clearly crosses a new sound dimension. offering the public a modern and innovative reggae roots at the same time, a real must-have album for all reggae lovers!

Lead singer, guitars, percussions, backing, lyrics, arrangements : Christophe Rigaud

Drums, percussions, guest and lyrics verse 2 on « stronger than lies », backing vocals : Djô Toussaint 

Bass, lead singer and lyrics on « All we need » and verse 3 on « under the storm » , backing vocals : Yao Dié
Keyboards : Julien Cordenod

Additionnal Musicians :

Saxophon on « Stronger than lies » : David Massal
Trompet on « Stronger than lies » : Thomas Leroux

Recording : Laurent Poussineau au studio « Homely Records »

Mixing & Mastering : Paul « Pilah »au studio «  Paul's Boutique »

Ilustration : Thomas Joseph

Artwork  : Mathieu Perdrix 


1 - Stand Firm
2 - Right or wrong
3 - Along your way
4 - Stronger than lies
5 - All we need
6 - Under the storm
7 - Leave me alone
8 - Black tree
9 - Another door
10 - Under the storm (Dub by Pilah)