2020/10/11 – Chuck Foster – Love Foundation – Catch Me Time Records

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The songs range from the ska-inspired "Small Matter" to topical songs like "In Too Deep," contemplative tunes such as "New Dream," and inspirational messages including" "Uphill Against the Wind" and "I'm Not Afraid." There are stops along the way for upliftment with "It Feels So Right" and even a touch of the surreal in "Earthquake Tree".

Reggae music has been a guiding force in Chuck's life since the 70's. Author of Roots Rock Reggae: An Oral History of Reggae Music From Ska To Dancehall (Billboard Books, 1999) and The Small Axe Guide To Rock Steady (which has just been released in an updated third edition now available on Amazon), Chuck hosts Reggae Central on KPFK in LA and wrote the Reggae Update column for two decades for Beat Magazine.

Features Mike Irwin on bass, Alberto Fernandez and Mystery Man on guitars, Tony Bird on keyboards, Todd Johnson on trumpet and Lai Hee, Mike and Chuck on percussion.


  1. Brace Yourself
  2. It Feels So Right
  3. One Hand Washes the Other
  4. Love Foundation
  5. Flew Away
  6. Suspect In Custody
  7. Pressing On
  8. When Danger Comes
  9. Make Haste
  10. Simple Man
  11. Small Matter
  12. New Dream
  13. In Too Deep
  14. Uphill Against the Wind
  15. Maybe Tomorrow
  16. I’m Not Afraid
  17. Earthquake Tree