2024/01/05 - Sugar Minott /Johnny Osbourne: Bitter Sweet / Reggae On Broadway - CD - Doctor Bird

(Most tracks unavailable on any format for over 40 years).
Widely acclaimed as one of Jamaica’s most accomplished sound engineers and producers, Lloyd James aka King Jammy first came to prominence in Jamaica in the 1970s, working alongside legendary dubmaster, King Tubby.
In 1976, he launched his own Jammy’s label, on which he released a number of superbly crafted tracks by future reggae superstars, Black Uhuru, ultimately culminating in the group’s hugely popular debut LP, ‘Love Crisis’.
The arrival of the dancehall era soon after further cemented his reputation as one of Jamaica’s most gifted music makers, as he championed the new sound with works by some of the country’s finest talents, including the immensely talented Lincoln ‘Sugar’ Minott. Among their collaborations was the popular 1979 LP ‘Bitter Sweet’, which included the seminal dancehall anthems ‘Give The People’ and ‘I’m Not For Sale’. In the early 80s, the now
self-proclaimed ‘King Jammy’ produced another of the era’s premier Jamaican singer-songwriters, Johnny Osbourne, with the union spawning further memorable dancehall classics, notably ‘Lend Me Your Chopper’, ‘Rock And Come On’ and ‘Water Pumping’, all of which featured on the singer’s seminal 1983 album, ‘Musical Chopper’.’
Now, at long last, these two essential Jammy collections are finally re-issued, with most of the tracks unavailable on any format since their original release more than four decades ago.
Obrigado Doctor Bird pelo promo.