04/16 - ZilverZurf & His Space Cadets – Live In Stockholm - Goldheart Music 2015

ZilverZurf & his SpaceCadets plays instrumental reggae originals interspersed with old classics. The band consists of Stockholm's finest and most experienced reggae and groove musicians such as ZilverZurfarn himself, the legendary drummer Bosse Skoglund and the steady bass player Desmond Foster.
The band’s groovy and soulful music topped with brilliant solos on brass and wind instruments, percussion and keyboards gives you a sense of realness and true quality. There is a hands-on understanding of the genres (reggae and jazz) and a genuine expression that can’t be denied. The members of the band have been heard behind regggae acts such as: Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dennis Bovell dub band, Million Stylez, Papa Dee, Peps Persson, Reggaeterians, among others.
Absolutamente Magnifico !
7estrelas !

PS: Infelizmente apenas edição digital !

Podem conferir Mr. ZilverZurf ao vivo no estudio da Solar FM em conjunto com Ben & The Pirates num GRANDE tributo a Marley no passado dia 8 de Fevereiro de 2015:


também no youtube aqui:



1. Lumumba (Rico Rodriguez)
2. Do The Zurf (ZilverZurf)
3. Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho (Domain Public)
4. Somewhere Out There (ZilverZurf, Jonahgold, Norin)
5. The Kalimba Dance (ZilverZurf)
6. Oboe (Jackie Mittoo)
7. This Day (Rico Rodriguez)
8. Man From Wareika (Rico Rodriguez)
9. Drum Song (Jackie Mittoo)
10.Cumbia (Hector Quintero)

ZilverZurf & his SpaceCadets são:

ZilverZurf – electric guitar
Bosse Skoglund – drums
Desmond Foster – electric bass
Robin Cochrane – percussion
Tommy Bernie Berndtsson – organ
Jonahgold – piano
Kai Sundquist – sax & flute
Klas Jervfors – trombone & trumpet