06/04 - Tu Shung Peng "Wise Stories from Vineyard" (Edição oficial a 15 de Junho) - Wise / Arka / Musicast / IWelcom

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The fourth album from french reggae band Tu Shung Peng is a tribute to Vineyard Town area in the heart of Kingston, an area as famous as Bob Marley Trench Town, in Jamaica.
This is where lives Mr. Winston Sparrow Martin, multi-instrumentist, musical director of Studio One in the 80's and music teacher at the famous Alpha Boys School. In February 2009, Fabwize and Manu, respectively sound engineer and melodica of Tu Shung Peng, joined him with the very first models of the new album to start in the newly created studio, this project whose production and realization have been made at Wise Studio, in Paris.

The collaboration with Sparrow Martin, the musical mentor of the group, has for Tu Shung Peng a double meaning: it opens wide the doors of inspiration by touching the source of their music, with a Roots always present in Jamaica, and is a tribute to what the burgeoning Jamaican music offers to French musicians.
The recipe remains unchanged from the beginning: Tu Shung Peng recording original compositions for Jamaican singers, mostly to produce songs in the tradition of those who fed their musical culture: Roots Reggae 70s. Vocal harmonies, brass section, arrangements, analog machines, mixing, mastering, nothing is left to achieve the authentic sound.

"Wise Stories from Vineyard Town" brings together many TOP artists, including the famous Ken Boothe, who had already lent his voice to Tu Shung Peng on their first 7star album: "Around Tu Shung Peng", released in 2007 and that the group had the honor of accompany him on stage in 2012.

Among the elders, we find as well Ossie Gad, singer of Natural Ites, English reggae band of the 80's famous for the hit "Picture on the Wall", and Twinkle Brothers, whose title is interpreted by Ralston Grant, the elder of the two brothers.

A special mention for Bunny & Skully, the historical duo that wrote the first single in 1954. Skully, one of the last living masters of Nyabinghi percussion, played on over 200 albums between 1971 and 1985.
Also a figure prow of the new generation: Omar Perry, son of producer Lee Perry was elevated to the Black Ark Studio. It bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, like its compatriot OS, nephew of the late Justin Hinds and currently in charge of Justin Hinds Foundation.

The vocal harmonies were entrusted by Black Steel, which was a multi-instrumentist singer for Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Dub Judah, etc, producer and bassist, both borrowed from the team of Twinkle Brothers.
Among the artists to discover: Bongo, sixty and farmer by trade, had never recorded before.
Nazzleman have been discovered in Kingston, is a rare talent. In solo and duet with his friend Pesso, named trombonist of the Marley family and Burning Spear, her vocal technique is impressive.

Representative of the new Soul scene, Rachel Claudio is native from Australia and signed with Tu Shung Peng her Reggae first hit.
Little Miss, for its part, is the author of two singles released in 1983, the year of her participation in the Reggae Sunsplash.
Absolutely unmisseble / crucial release !
7 Star !

1 - T.S.P |Ossie Gad : Keeping Love Alive
2 - T.S.P |Bongo : Ghetto People Struggling
3- T.S.P |Miss Little : Hate to be Alone
4 - T.S.P |Ken Boothe : Jah Children no Lie
5 - T.S.P |Rachel Claudio : Long After
6 - T.S.P |Nazzleman : Dem want Love
7 - T.S.P |Pesso & Nazzleman : Children Love Each Other
8 - Tu Shung Peng : Kingston 13ʼ
9 - Tu Shung Peng |Bongo : Darkskyʼs Cloud
10 - Tu Shung Peng |Omar Perry : The Order
11 - Tu Shung Peng |O.S : Dem a Fight
12 - Tu Shung Peng |Fabwize : Dem a Dub
13 - T.S.P |Twinkle Brothers : Mighty Conqueror
14 - Tu Shung Peng : Rollin
15 - T.S.P |Bunny & Skully : Take Us There