09/03 - Junior Kelly - "Urban Poet" - (edição oficial a 9 de Outubro) - Irievibrations

(Apenas em Inglês)

Junior Kelly, who is among Jamaica’s finest Conscious Voices, Songwriter extraordinaire and Reggae Music’s most prolific exponent, is set to release His 10th studio álbum called Urban Poet for Austrian based label Irievibrations Records.

Junior Kelly feels confident that this álbum will be a game changer similar to His mega hit “Love so Nice”, and hopes that it will shine a light on Reggae Music and provide Reggae fans with much needed salvation, substance and food for thought, to uplift them in these difficult times.

The album that Junior Kelly describes as “More Reggae” which is a melting pot culminating with incredible live riddims, exciting musicianship and vocal artistry at its best. Junior Kelly claims it as His best work to date and is extremely happy with the outcome, as it is the first time he was able to have such artistic freedom. He states “it was na absolute pleasure working with Irievibrations as they listened to me and gave me full autonomy to Express myself.”

The album has 16 beautiful tracks which encompass more than just Reggae, a little Dancehall, RnB, Soul, Jazz and shows the artiste’s growth and maturity from the Reggae infused “High Hopes”, “Power to the People”, “No Dig It Up” to the smooth RnB tracks “Sneak Peek”, “Everybody Needs Somebody” and “In Love” to the soul searching “Mile In My Shoe” and “To Ge By” to the Jazzy “Hooked on Mary”, this álbum will leave you on a musical high.

This new work takes Junior Kelly on a different musical direction, trying to achieve fans from other musical genres, but maintaing as well extremely happy his usual reggae fans.

Junior Kelly “Urban Poet“ will be released on the 9th of October 2015 on Irievibrations Records distributed by Groove Attack / VP Records / Socadisc.

01. No Dig It Up
02. Everybody Needs Somebody
03. Power To The People
04. No More War
05. In Love
06. High Hopes
07. No One Is Higher
08. Stay With Me
09. Mile In My Shoe
10. To Get By
11. Put It Pon You
12. Hooked On Mary
13. Memories
14. False Pretender
15. Sneak Peek
16. Stay Alive (Bonus Track)