10/01 - Patko - Maroon - (to be released next 23rd of October) - Dibyz Music / IWelcom

Completely unknown artist to me, till now !

Since the release of his first album "Just Take It Easy" in 2013, Patko has stepped artistic meetings to develop its second album which will be launched in October 2015. Again he signed the majority of compositions, Blending programming and instruments.

All his influences have been brought from the last fifteen years, all together have originated the tracks on this new album "Maroon".
In this album we find his inspirations from the Caribbean, South American, African and European. Patko has this rare ability, which is to imbibe all these musical influences without losing its own identity.
His lyrics deals with simple and universal themes but never fall in simplicity. It does not yield to clichés or hackneyed lessons,
Patko transmits what he saw, reflected what he sees, he does not lie. This is a universalist and that this home is not only a concept or posture. This is the true reflection of his journey from the banks of the Maroni River where he was born, to African villages he crossed, or the US and European mega cities in which he regularly puts his suitcases. Nourished by this diversity of a world in constant motion, Patko composes and writes songs and singular timeless.

This album is a continuation of the previous, Patko continues his musical journey across continents. The dominant color of the album is a modern reggae roots whose originality is not limited to this single spectrum. One finds happiness with musical influences so-called "World" as rock, hip hop or even close and the electro sounds of this cocktail is never stodgy! In his compositions Patko not seeking escalation, he finds every time the balance and accuracy in his artistic choices by daring to venture on land that only his talent allows him to approach without getting lost. Some distinguished guests participate in this album, it was not "accumulate" on the cover of names but for everyone to bring a particular color to certain securities that require it. Are in this adventure - Fantan Mojah, Danakil, Rockin 'Squat (Assassin), Dean Fraser, Manjul Fitzroy' Dave Green, Stone Strickland, Sherkan, Joggo, Kerri-Ann Lewis, Djely Kouyaté ...
There's some key tracks in this project, like: "Tears", "Here to Learn", "Dutty Money", "Because", "She's in Love" and "Daddy".
Check it !

01 – Tears
02 – Lob Suriname Ft. Fantan Mojah & Joggo
03 – Maroon Ft. Djely Kouyaté
04 – Here To Learn
05 – Egalité & Justice Ft. Balik & Natty Jean (Danakil)
06 – Dutty Money
07 – Kingdom of Ashes Ft Rockin’ Squat (Assassin)
08 – I Know
09 – Because
10 – She’s in Love Ft.Kerri-Ann Lewis (Indignation)
11 – Solid As A Rock Ft. Dean Fraser
12 – Daddy
13 - Outro