10/18 - Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians – Intuitions - (edição oficial a 20 de Novembro) - SoulNurse Records / IWelcom

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Born in France from a large family, Joe Pilgrim spent his childhood in the countryside of the west Lyons. Born from a devout mother, his childhood was marked by pilgrimages.
Joe Pilgrim started singing from very young to the Church and in prayer vigils. For three years, his parents will accompany him in the choir in Lyon.
In high school Latin and Hellenistic philosophy and astrophysics were his passions. The theater led him to represent on stage for four years, he will learn the basics of theater and comedy. It was during this period that he began to play guitar and sing anything but religious songs.
At 17 he discovered reggae, with the compilation "French Reggae Party 2". This is not Bob Marley, which he considered too commercial, which will attract to the Jamaican music, but Joseph Hill, singer of the group Culture and The Abyssinians.
For him, these are songs of praise and that is precisely what the key in reggae. During those years, Joe Pilgrim discovers another Caribbean music, Calypso.
Came from Trinidad & Tobago islands, it is a joyful and danceable music.
He received the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation and is shortly after his own spirituality. He is interested in esoteric philosophy Indian and studied some evangelical apocryphal writings. Joe discovers the horror and the paradox of the neoliberal system and decided to devote a part of his life to the humanist cause.
It is only 20 years since Joe's decide to carry "the torch", with music and reggae as a weapon as the vehicle.
The vocal trio The Wailers were who influence him deeply. Especially after translating the War song speech that Haile Selassie was held at the United Nations. Joe everything is clear, it must in turn transmit a humanist message, global justice and spiritual.

Everything will then accelerate, and encounter to encounter, he will learn to sing Reggae.
Sébastien Cohendet, author, composer, performer and accomplished poet, he will sing the classics Jamaican rocksteady and roots of the 70s, in the accompanying second voice. It was during these years that Joe Pilgrim wrote his first lyrics and composed his first songs, the title of Travel in Babylon album "Intuition".

He sings, accompanied by Sébastien Cohendet in the streets of Lyon. At that time, Pilah (Kaly Live Dub) notes and allows Joe Pilgrim take his first steps into the world of Sound System and Dub. Following an invitation to sing at a party organized by the Sound System collective Dub Addict, he joined the crew and became their lead singer. With producer Roots Massacre, he recorded his first records: Drones Nation, In our Hands. He mounts the Inner Rose group, with whom he released the title Rise up to 45t vinyl.

Joe multiplies collaborations and records with the roots label Ka Records titles Wisdom and Nice Time. But it is with Dub producers know that most will be. Other collaborations followed, including Don Dino Group of High Tone and the famous Tribulation under the label Jarring Effect; the remix of the same title with Dub Machinist. Righteous Storm with Kanka, I'm in the mood with Panda Dub, Drunkard with Lyon Humanzee.
He made several 'guest appearances' albums for various groups; Peaceful warrior and Radical in the Vatican with Kaly Live Dub, Get to be stronger with the group TelDem Com'unity.
The video for the album "Mellowmoon" recorded in collaboration with producer Mayd Hubb will introduce the artist to a wider audience. With a tour with Dub Addict Italy, Joe meets Neapolitan Bababoom HiFi sound system including the producers of Dub Defenders with whom he released the titles and Step No. Barriers to Zion in vinyls.

Since the start of its mission in 2005, Joe Pilgrim averaged 30-40 dates a year. In 2014, he participated in the last edition of Garance Festival with his Inner Rose group. They won the contest organized by the production and perform on the main stage. But a few months later the band split. In early 2015, two vinyl come out with Dub Addict: Arise Humanity with AntiBypass producer and a maximum two titles: Juggler and Cure Them with Pilah Sound.

The Ligerians is a group of six musicians, who worked for several years with singer Rod Anton, strong 3 albums. They have collaborated with big names such as Patrice reggae, Max Romeo, The Congos, Midnite ...
History of the project:
In 2014, decided to invite Ligerians Joe Pilgrim to the output of the concert album "Wevolution" on the Astrolabe (Orleans). They prepare for the occasion with a set of 30mn pieces of Joe Pilgrim. The magic happens on stage, as if they had always played together ... The musicians invite on other scenes, the Bellevilloise in Paris. Joe Pilgrim, which operates in the mid-Dub is conquered by its unique roots of Ligerians while Ligerians, themselves, are literally sucking the voice and spirituality that emanates from Joe ... The album project was born. The album was produced by Joe Pilgrim and SoulNurse Records, and recorded in SoulNurse Studio Tours.
Check out "Open the Gate", "Forward", "Lion" and my absolutely favourite "Night & Day" !

Definitely one of the best, Authentic Reggae, Albums of the Year !

Chapter 1 : Illusions and Crises

01 – Go Down The River

02 – Open The Gate

03 – Forward

Chapter 2 : The Sparkling Light

04 – Lion

05 – Travel in Babylon

06 – Burn Fire

Chapter 3 : Intuitions

07 – Holy Light (Acoustic Version)

08 - Night & Day

09 – Blessing Light

Chapter 4 : Incarnations

10 – Blind Civilization

11 – Like The Sun

12 – Ancient Tribes