2016/02/22 - Chuck Foster - Looks Like Trouble - Catch Me Time Records 2016

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"Looks Like Trouble" gathers fifteen songs recorded at the Rough Sounds studio in Redondo Beach California featuring Mr Chuck Foster on vocals, Mike Irwin on bass, Tony Bird on keyboards and riddim guitar, Rextafari on lead and pick guitar, Todd Johnson on trumpet, Fernando Jativa on saxophone and Lai Hee on percussion with guest appearances from Zacky Bernard of the Twinkle Brothers and Soul Syndiicate's Tony Chin.

This is Mr. Foster's fourth vocal release and the songs cover a wide spectrum from the socially conscious "Poverty," "Putting Out Fires" and "Looks Like Trouble" to tribute to Bob Marley ("Rasta Shop"), Alton Ellis and the feminine gender ("Woman of the World") to personal relationship tunes, humorous story-songs and Rasta meditations.

Chuck Foster is a well-known reggae journalist who has written two books about the music. His previous productions include the various artist all-female vocal set "We Roots".

Blending his own early folk roots with straight-up reggae riddims he continues to uphold roots music in his own unique style.

"Pariah" is definitely my favourite song from this album.
Dub release coming this summer 2016 !

...Chuck Foster, writer for the Reggae Update column for two decades for Beat Magazine (he currently writes a column for the annual Reggae Festival Guide), hosts KPFK-LA's Reggae Central and is author of Roots Rock Reggae (Billboard Books) and The Small Axe Guide To Rocksteady (Muzik Tree)...

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1. Putting Out Fires
2. Can't Say You're Wrong When You're Right
3. Poverty
4. Love
5. Looks Like Trouble
6. Rasta Shop
7. Letting Go
8. Pariah
9. Woman of the Earth
10. Doing Fine
11. Tribute to Alton Ellis
12. I'm so Sorry
13. Never Been Lucky In Love
14. Stragedy
15. Battle Plan