2016/03/01 - Rising Tide - Rising Tide by Memembers of Groundation - (edição oficial a 18/03) - Soul Beats Records

(apenas em inglês)
Rising Tide was born out of a group of musicians who have been performing together for many years.
They are the creators of the internationally-renowned group Groundation and have found a new avenue to express themselves.
We can hear their love of jazz, reggae, a mix of other styles, dub, innovation, improvisation, and creation.
These are many of the ingredients you will find in this unique project, definitely and already one of the best releases of 2016 !
Lovely vocals !
Key Tracks are definitely "Seven time Rise", "Only Human" and "So Many".
The album will be available next 18th of March on CD and 2xLP !

01. Is It Right
02. Me And You
03. One And All feat. Naâman
04. Seven Time Rise
05. Positive Vibes
06. Time Bomb
07. Let It Out feat. Jacob Hemphill (SOJA)
08. So Many
09. Whoap feat. Paul „Lymie“ Murray
10. Young, Strong And Beautiful feat. Roselyn Williams
11. Only Human