2016/03/07 - Ackboo - Invincible - (edição oficial a 1/04) - Tanta Records / Khanti / IWelcom

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"Ackboo, the new blood of the French Dub! "Télérama.
Ackboo is already three years on the road and almost 200 concerts following the success of her debut album Turn Up The Amplifier (Hammerbass). Dub live in the lineage of artists such as Mad Professor and Kanka.

April 1, 2016, Ackboo INVINCIBLE released his second album on the label he founded, Tanta Records. It's an eclectic and colorful album to the delight of all fans of Reggae, but also electronic music, more and more people follow Ackboo. Listeners will have the pleasure of traveling among the 14 securities whose music has been composed by all Ackboo and dressed by 11 votes handpicked: Horace Andy, Linval Thompson, Green Cross, Solo Banton, Marcus Gad Maïcee, S'Kaya Malone Rootikal and Dan I Locks.

Horace Andy back on his years Massive Attack and raises her crystalline voice on an instrumental electro trip hop and muscular hovering characteristic style of Ackboo. Linval Thompson shows, for the last song of the album, its legendary title to his dancing and powerful built for Sound Systems. Brother Culture deploys its inimitable flow of a composition inspired by Mike Oldfield, striking. This is the title track of this album, the title chosen by Ackboo, inspired the lyrics of the whole album.

Especially on this album, Ackboo makes great at promising new talents including Maïcee, female talent showing a rare energy Dying Inside is his first title to be distributed nationally!
A disc of great wealth, moving easily to the Reggae Dub, or from electro to hip-hop.
With INVINCIBLE, Ackboo confirms its producer talent with a selection of singers (known or to be discovered) whose voice and personality perfectly match the spirit of the composition that has been proposed. Ackboo was also involved into the writing of texts, all consistent with the project: he asked the singers to inspire the Invincible theme and write lyrics with a hyper-positive message and incite action .
"I would like that my music, by singing the lyrics of Invincible, people want to unite and engage".
A second installment appropriate to discover in concert to admire the full extent. Especially since the new live is ready to go around the world! In 2009, fate Ackboo vinyl Bangladesh Dub-dub stepper real bomb. The piece will go into radio, including FM Life (EN), France Inter and the Mov '(FR). Then we see the Rototom festival in Spain and Outlook in Croatia. Shows cartonnent because Ackboo is not a Dj: armed with his analog mixing console and its machines it re-mix on stage its own productions. In 2016, he released his first album Turn Up The Amplifier (Hammerbass) is welcomed as "the new blood of the French Dub" (Télérama). Since then, everything is accelerating: it plays the 4 corners of the globe! In 2014, he collaborated with MC Taiwan (Chinese Man) and is invited for the second consecutive time by Télérama Dub Festival ... And the adventure continues! In 2015 he released his new EP "Mexico in Dub" and plays on the stage of Dub Dour Festival.
An artwork, a Universe:
We must unleash his imagination for the artwork to be meaningful. The key elements are combined: the owl image of the underground and the world of the night is also a symbol of wisdom and philosophy. The pyramid that sits on top of the illustration here has no connection with the Illuminati. It is a symbol of spirituality qu'Ackboo diverts and appropriates without proselytizing for any religion. The child at the center of creation symbolizes the future ( "youths are the future"), a Métis future, ready to defend himself and opening the field of all possibilities.

01- Freedom ft.Dan I Locks
02 - Invincible ft. Brother Culture
03 - Celadon
04 - Days Ain’t Bright ft. Horace Andy
05 - Rise ft. Solo Banton
06 - Long Story ft. Malone Rootikal
07 - Cyann Stop the Rastaman ft. S'Kaya
08 - Ganja Skank
09 - Helping Hand ft. Green Cross
10 - Ina Sky ft. Marcus Gad
11 - Dying Inside ft. Maicee
12 - Soul Rebel
13 - Raise our Voice ft. Dan I Locks
14 - Dreader Than Dread Ft Linval Thompson