2016/03/18 - Time to Shine - Fred Locks Meets David O, Vol​.​1- Duplex Music 2015

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Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer David Ondrick and Jamaica-based reggae pioneer, vocalist Fred Locks, present their first full-length collaboration "Time To Shine". 

Released in 2015, November's 20th, more precisely, via Duplex Music, this work represents a profound connection between the veteran Fred Locks and the musician David O, (we can feel that when we hear the work), delivering a universal message of love and unity to the World.

Each vocal track is followed by a superb instrumental track as well, featuring an unique sound of horns from David O.

Also a dub version is included as a bonus, containing singular atmospheric, mixed by Fabian Cooke, a highly regarded drummer, arranger, and producer.

"Time to Shine" took eight years to complete and was recorded in both Jamaica and the U.S. The album was recorded using only live instruments. 

Was really worth the wait !

Great release !

PS: This album is livicated to the idea that music can be a medicine with the power to uplift and bring us all together. That people from every corner of humanity can fuse ideas and evolve a sound in a new way, and in the same way we can respect each other and dream into being a better world for us all... David O would like to thank musical / production mentors and colleagues like Coxsone Dodd, Courtney Panton, Karl Wright, Horace James, and Andy Bassford for guidance and inspiration. AND especially my wife Isa, and my daughter Ella for their unwavering support during the amazing and sometimes difficult process of manifesting this project into reality. Without you ladies in my life, there would be no Time to Shine. by David O.

Check: http://duplexmusic.com/time-to-shine/


1. Live to Love

2. Misty Love (David Ondrick)

3. Time to Shine

4. Conscious Shine (David Ondrick)

5. Reggae Addict

6. Reggae Horns Addict (David Ondrick)

7. Love Don't Take No Holiday

8. Summer Dub (David Ondrick)

9. No Bad Feeling

10. Mellow Feeling (David Ondrick)

11. Spiritual Revolution

12. Easy Spirit (David Ondrick)

Bonus Track

13. Time to Shine (Fabian Cooke Dub Mix)