2016/03/20 - Jah Legacy - Time is Now - (edição oficial a 29/04) - Khanti / Harmonia Mundi / IWelcom

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With his first album «Time is Now», Jah Legacy with his unique and attractive lead vocals, offers a tasty hotchpotch between reggae, soul, blues, rock and jazz ...To be discovered with eyes closed and an open heart !

Bet ween strength and softness, charisma and modesty, good humor and determination, this album is clearly the image of the quartet. Literally, Jah Legacy means the legacy of Jah.
This legacy represents life, feelings, love, nature, what we have received and what we leave to the future generations ... So many themes that inspire the four musicians based in the Raphaëlois sun. Jah Legacy is the fruit of a beautiful story of friendship ... Indeed, the founders, Manu (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Charley (lead guitar, backing vocals) know each other from their childhood and grew up in the same neighborhood. So naturally the group’s history has been built over the years. Jah Legacy has always evolved, searching the formula and music that fits them best. This, since 2013, with the arrival of Julien on drums and backing vocals and Laurence on bass! From jazz to rock, through soul and the blues, everyone brings their influences which are cleverly interwoven in to what unites them all : reggae !

They made the choice to offer a unique combination to 4, to provide a "Simply Reggae" uncluttered, musical dynamic that showcases the singer's voice. With over 150 concerts to its credit, the band distills its energy and unifying message on the roads of France and Europe (Italy, England). Jah Legacy goes to meet a growing intergenerational public, appearing with such prestigious artists as The Wailers, Groundation, LKJ, Faada Freddy ... or at festivals and theaters (Festival of Néoules, Festijam, Sound of Sunset Festival.

After some experiences in the studio and the EP "Inner Revolution" (2015), which has captivated the public and critics ("Even on an EP Jah Legacy manages to deliver a varied palette.
The balad Try and the very heavy Faya & Straw are the perfect examples. [...] A reggae that strikes without getting hurt! "Reggae.fr, April 2015), the quartet continues its journey!

"Time is Now" (literally, "the time has come"), an evocative title for a first album, because Jah Legacy, strengthened by their experiences and maturity, delivers through this album, the fruit of their tenacity and meticulous work. The original and smooth voice of Manu, is highlighted by male choruses, the reminding us of Jamaica vocal trios of the 60’s and 70’s. The bass / drums duo makes us sway and bend while the lead guitar bewitches us and is totally charming. We are agreeably surprised by all the pieces, which, around a solid reggae base, offer a different universe and a particular color. We are carried away by a sunny jazzy ( "Daddy") or by a passionate melancholy ride ( "I Miss U"), through titles to tones of soul, jazz and even hip hop ("Take Over")! Lyrically, the eleven tracks on the album, walk with sensitivity and simplicity on the paths of life. Life, with its difficulties and pitfalls (“Rocks at The Road"), with the failings of society and manipulating of the mass media ( "Take Over") ... But as life with its negative and mostly positive aspects ( "Do It One More Time"), with its beauty ("Creation is to Share") and of course with Love ( "Inside You", "Jealousy" ...).

The combo is keen to present a quality album, achieve its aim, they knew how to come together and surround themselves with the right people. Indeed, "Time is Now" was mixed and mastered by two sound engineers widely recognized in the reggae scene: Clement Tamal (studio Davoust) and Pierre Henry Barnet (The Banyans, Positive Roots Band ..). Signed with Khanti Records, distributed by Harmonia Mundi, and especially thanks to an originality to be found rarely on the hexagon, we can say that with this first opus, "the time has come" to put the talent of Jah Legacy in the spotlight
"Time is Now", in stores on April 29, 2016.

"Rocks at our Road" TUNE !

01 - Time Is Now
02 - Creation Is To Share
03 - Take Over
04 - Rejoice
05 - Inside You
06 - Jealousy
07 - Riddim Easy
08 - Rocks at our Road
09 - Do It One More Time
10 - Daddy
11 - I Miss U
Bonus Track : Dub Is Now (by Tamal)