2016/08/22 - Mykal Rose - Rasta State - Jammy's / VP Records

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Veteran (ex Black Uhuru) Mykal Rose returns to the arena with 'Rasta State' a brand new thought-provoking album that's sure to make the reggae world stand up and take notice. 

On 'Rasta State' Mykal's state of the nation lyrics are perfectly wedded to a crucial set of made-tomeasure rhythms from King Jammy, a return to reggae music with a message. 

Check it !


01. African Queen
02. Judgement
03. Golden Throne
04. Gimme The Herb
05. Unity
06. Hail H.I.M.
07. Woe Unto Those
08. Reply From The Queen
09. Israelites
10. Hungryness
11. Free Education
12. Peace And Love In The Ghetto
13. Inna Di Saga
14. Love, Love, Love
15. Anything You Want Gal