2016/09/05 - Danakil - "La Rue Raisonne" - (edição oficial a 7 de Outubro) - Baco Records / IWelcom

(apenas em inglês)
Activists reggae and indie music since 2001, Danakil spent nearly 15 years traveling the roads around the world, delivering hundreds of fiery lives that made much of the group's success. After four studio albums, two live shows, albums and 2 "DUB" collective returns with a new raw draft stripping.
Entitled "The Street Raisonne," this fifth installment puts the group in front of the militant scene and committed francophone. The first single, 32 March was indeed a song composed on the sidelines of the concerts organized by the group and their support circle in motion Night Stand. The video consists of footage shot during the concert given Republic Square on May 15, 2016. Musically, the band has continued to evolve, trusting the beatmakers 'home' to beef up its productions. The result is a new generation reggae roots, firmly rooted in the zeitgeist. Special attention was also given to the mixing of the album, in a 100% analog studio, allowing musicians to deliver a robust album, the heavy bass, with real depth of sound.
Side collaborations, Danakil chose once again to have fun by inviting the cream of the world and reggae scene. German singer Patrice is thus present on tracklist sharing with Balik (Danakil singer) Title Paris by Night, a tribute to Parisian nightlife capital. Danakil invited quite a team of singers on the title World of Reggae Music, declaration of love to the musical style that ties all stakeholders: Anthony B, Flavia Coelho, Nattali Rize, Josh (The Skints) Brahim, Volodya Yaniss Odua Natty U Roy and Jean! The album will hit stores October 7th 2016, produced, distributed and edited by Baco Records, founded by the group in 2012, and knows him as a significant development! A beautiful first tour stage is already announced. It will start at the Festival of Humanity on September 9 and ending with a double Parisian Trianon's 09 and December 10, 2016!


01 - Echo Système
02 - 32 Mars
03 - Paris la Nuit Ft. Patrice
04 - Comme Je
05 - Back Again
06 - Mediatox
07 - Pars
08 - Il en restera quelque chose
09 - Dis-Leur
10 - Papillons
11 - Lumière de la Mémoire
12 - J'attends le jour
13 - World of Reggae Music Feat. Natty Jean, Balik, Flavia Coelho, Yaniss Odua, Anthony B, Volodia, Josh (The Skints), Nattali Rize, Brahim