2016/09/05 - Mawyd – "Plant The Seed" - (edição oficial a 7 de Outubro) - Baco Records / IWelcom

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Mawyd is a reggae band from Bordeaux born from the meeting of five musicians from different musical backgrounds. During their studies in a new music school (2010), Vincent (singer and guitarist), which is immersed in reggae standards since adolescence (Bob Marley, Burning Spear) decided to create a group.
The name, Mawyd, is chosen by an assembly of letters drawn at random by the team. From the first rehearsal, they obviously expand training with two singers to pay tribute to Jamaican music on the model of the I Threes Bob Marley and The Wailers.

They record a first model in the school's studio, the very place where they meet the man who became their sound engineer. Then they spend one year to create a set of compositions they will defend during their first tour (50 dates).
At a concert in the Dordogne, they meet Bernard Indeau (former guitarist Niominka-Bi and spiritual father of the group) who offers them to visit his "Studio of the Hills" where he performs his recordings. They make the decision several months later to realize there their first album "Look at the tree." This is recorded in analog and released by Socadisc in summer 2012.
A year later, they recorded the single Mr Politic alongside the famous English toaster General Levy, who Vinyl fate October 31, 2013 on the occasion of a concert in his presence. 200 dates in four years enabled the group to develop and defend their identity to a growing audience. Mawyd while preparing his second album: "Plant the seed."
For this, they return to the Hills Studio under the artistic direction of Flox (producer Nu-Reggae artist) and host two exceptional voices: Kim Pommell (Groundation, Rising Tide) and General Levy. On the other hand, Marcus Urani (Groundation, Rising Tide) makes them the first to ask a few key settings (Hammond B3 Organ and Fender Rhodes) on one of the tracks on the album.
This album clearly assumes direct influences such as Bob Marley, Toots & The Maytals or Groundation. "Plant the seed" agrees roots of sounds while remaining true to soul and funk influences in music and always Mawyd reveals their ability to express both a roots style in a funky reggae. Get ready for the new crop, "Plant the seed" will be released Oct. 7, 2016.
Key Tracks: My Child, Mr. Politician !

01 - Vampaya
02 - Reggae Religion
03 - Our Love
04 - My Child
05 - Interlude
06 - Plant The Seed
07 - A Simple Dream
08 - Mr Politician
09 - Don't You See
10 - Mandela
11 - Wake Up And Live
12 - Mr Politician Dub