2017/02/02 – High Smile HiFi – 3 novos 7’’ Singles – Top Smile Records / Reggae Fever 2017

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2017 had only just begun as the Swiss digikal empire strikes back with three brandnew 45’s, featuring Speng Bond, Koa Aloy & S’Kaya on the microphone. Each 7 inch comes with tune and version, packed in those sweet, comic style retro sleeves. All songs and riddims are produced by Icky Top as High Smile HiFi continues to unleash top notch digital productions on Top Smile Records.


1º - Catalogue No: TSR012
Format: 7″ Vinyl (45 rpm)
A: High Smile HiFi feat. Speng Bond – ‚Babylon‘
B: High Smile HiFi – ‚Version‘
“Babylon” by UK veteran Speng Bond, supposedly recorded with a 5£-micro in his garage, is a powerful vintage dancehall piece. Speng rides the riddim in his nonchalantly and smooth style, which he showcased already on many live stages and soundsystem events troughout Europe.

2º - Catalogue No: TSR013
Format: 7″ Vinyl (45 rpm)
A: High Smile HiFi feat. Koa Aloy – ‚Tell Dem Again‘
B: High Smile HiFi – ‚Version‘
“Tell Dem Again” is a tune we really wanted to put out on 7“ as this is the perfect example of how we work. The riddim was initially one of our free riddims, which we put out on soundcloud. After a few weeks, our Hawaiian friend Koa Aloy recorded the tune over it and sent it back to us and we instantly fell in love with it. It’s the very first release on wax for the singer and it’s also the first official release to arise from our free riddims. These free riddims prove to be a vital part of our strategy to aquire new talented singers like Koa Aloy.

3º - Catalogue No: TSR014
Format: 7″ Vinyl (45 rpm)
A: High Smile HiFi feat. S’Kaya – ‚Hardworker‘
B: High Smile HiFi – ‚Version‘
The third 7 inch marks the fourth release from S’Kaya on Top Smile Records. With the tune called ‚Hardworker‘, the French singer describes the life of a reggae artist not being able to live from his musical works and explains us, why he still has a job. He describes a couple of encounters with his boss, some experiences everyone can relate to. Lyrics with meaning and a personal touch, on a sweet digi riddim that make us feel like back in the golden years of digital reggae.