2017/03/08 - Queen Ifrica – Climb - VP Records

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Queen Ifrica (daughter from the legendary Mr. Derrick Morgan), is from Montego Bay, Jamaica and has taken the reggae scene by storm with hits like "Below the Waist" and "Daddy" as well as more recent singles like "Love Is Not Blind" and "I Can't Breathe." From her humble beginnings of winning talent contests to joining the Tony Rebel's Flames crew in 1998, she has blossomed into one of the genre's top cultural artists with her roots firmly secured in the Rastafarian faith. Climb is Ifrica's third full-length album, following Montego Bay (2009, VP Records) and Fyah Muma (2007, Flames Productions).


  1. Trueversation feat. Damian Marley
  2. That’s How It Is Sometimes
  3. Love Is Not Blind
  4. Pleasure To See
  5. Grabba
  6. Medical Marijuana
  7. Good Man
  8. Black Woman
  9. Climb
  10. All That I’m Asking
  11. Battlefield
  12. I Can’t Breathe
  13. Ask My Granny
  14. Rebellion
  15. Better Than Amazing
  16. Lie Dem a Tell
  17. Let’s Get Silly