2017/03/16 – Chuck Foster – Last Call – Catch Me Time Records

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Celebrating his twentieth year as host of KPFK's Reggae Central, author of two books on the music and two decades as Reggae Update columnist for Beat Magazine, Chuck Foster releases his fifth solo album with backing from Soul Syndicate/Observer All Stars/Aggrovators rhythm guitarist Tony Chin, Studio One and Channel One keyboardist Tony Bird, Rough Sounds bassist Mike Irwin, UK drummer Horseman and multi-instrumentalist Rex Bailey. The songs range from the topical social consciousness of "War In the Middle East," "The Refugees," "Rebel Girl" and "Time For A Change" to dance tunes "Pick It Up (Mr. DJ)" and "His Head Goes Around," folk-reggae "Traveling Life," "I Dropped Jessie At the Station" and "Get Me Home," love songs "When You Walk In the Sky" and "Give Love A Try," the meditative "Live Up" and "Wheels Within Wheels" to the Rastafarian-rooted "Last Call."


  1. War In The Middle East
  2. The Refugees
  3. His Head Goes Around
  4. Rebel Girl
  5. Travelling Life
  6. Wheels Within Wheels
  7. I Dropped Jessie At The Station~
  8. Time For A Change
  9. Pick It Up (Mr DJ)
  10.  Live Up
  11. Get Me Home
  12. I'll Take Jamaica
  13. Give Love A Try
  14. When You Walk In The Sky
  15. Last Call