2017/04/22 - Soom T - Ode To A Karrot - (edição oficial a 19/05) - Khanti / Pias / IWelcom

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Originally from Glasgow, Soom T has been traveling the world for more than 20 years with its eccentric attitude, inimitable style and a completely demented flow! She handles with an incredible ease the words, draws them on sound background, thus finding her best medium of expression. This is how it gains the hearts of people and sees its popularity rating explode all over the world.

After a debut album "Ode 2 a Carrot" released in 2010 which confirms its rank of Princess of the Raggamuffin, it enchains the collaborations and it tries to several musical styles ranging from the hip hop to the electro through the soul or other sounds digital. Still in this exploratory approach, she surrounded herself with newly honed musicians and produced the album "Free as a bird" which is released in 2015 (Chapter Two / Wagram). An album that propels her among the most listened to and asked artists in 2016. That same year, she performed at the biggest festivals in Europe (Dour, Solidays, Printemps de Bourges, Les Déferlantes, Le Paléo, Vieilles Charrues etc) .

 Seven years later, she returns to her first love with a totally new version of the album, here is the renowned "Ode To A Karrot"! Soom T has surrounded herself with her 'budz' (pals) to compose new instrumental versions as well as new vocals. We find here the artist / producer Manudigital or the Norwegian duo Helgeland 8 bit Squad signing the majority of the compositions and instrumental of the album. Jon Jones (Junglo Peace) and Konchis, who were instrumental in Yes Rant and the remix of A Kiss is Sweet (Weed is sweeter), closed the album. "Ode To A Karrot" is a hymn to Cannabis. From track 1 to 19, Soom T covers many subjects and all have one thing in common: the Grass. The artist is at the heart of the debate on the legalization of cannabis through this series of odes à la weed, slices of life as well as warnings, always in the positive spirit that we know him, and without Proselythism none. According to the singer, it is also a way to celebrate a plant whose virtues are no longer to be proved, not only for the mother earth but also for the man, in the manufacture of textile, paper, soap etc. Also addresses the medicinal aspects and curative properties of cannabis.

A disc that talks about weed...

Easy Weed opens the ball, explaining how easily this plant grows: water and sun are enough to give birth to the magic buds. Matchbox full of weed evokes the importance of the everyday accessory, which will talk to anyone who is used to carrying a box of weed as naturally as a phone. Booma Shiva - words pronounced by the 'Sâdhu' of India before consuming the grass - has obtained a hit to Soom T, soon reaching the 3 million plays! The title literally pays tribute to the tribal people who ritually use this plant. A Kiss is sweet is a sweet romance or how grass will always be there to allay conjugal tensions. Thank my dealer is a big up to dealers all over the world, those who do nothing but put this grass at the disposal of men, who unfairly risk imprisonment. They help people meditate, appease society and deal with hundreds of mental and physical medical problems. Soom T here raises the new methods in front of those of the empire that can represent the pharmaceutical industry. Puff Dat Weed is a skit, a stunning story about a dealer forced to conceal his grass in the wrong place, becoming paranoid because of his neighbor, right out of stock. Dark Side Of The Doob evokes the dangers of using cannabis, Soom T approaches here the dark side for a piece in the form of a warning. Say Ganja is a great example of what reggae specialists call a ganja-tune! This is an unprecedented re-cut of his hit Ganja ganja! Never got caught is a cheeky song, never get caught. Soom T advocating legalization, it also advocates mistrust of the police on the issue and all the hypocrisy of the situation. In Weedy Hawks, another slice of life. Soom T laughs at these smoky friends who only come to you when they know they can smoke! A hilarious song directly inspired by the story of 'Mr Nice', popularized in the cult movie 'Human Traffic'. Junglo Peace glorifies the peaceful and soothing side of the weed. Ganja Leaf is a reflection on the genesis of the Ganja: but where does this plant come from? Could she be brought to Earth by extraterrestrials? A good trip! Need Weed talks about the journey of the fighter that sometimes becomes a simple 'race' to go to stock up on grass. Another chosen situation that will speak to the smokers at Generation H. Budz is a recomandation because it is important not to cut the grass and remember how tobacco is a poison. The herb must be used responsibly, in its natural state. A title by Trinity Lofi, duo consisting of Jody Bigfoot and Louis Zico. Be ready, the soundgyal is back!

An effective, committed album and 100% organic!
Available in CD, digital and in double format Vinyl 16 titles!
Notice to collectors !

01 Easy weed (Manudigital / Alex Flash Hit)
02 Matchbox Full of Weed (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
03 Booma Shiva (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
04 A Kiss is Sweet (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
05 Light it (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
06 Thank my Dealer(Manudigital / Alex Flash Hit)
07 Puff Dat Weed (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
08 Dark Side Of The Doob (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
09 Oui Rant (Konchis)
10 Say Ganja (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
11 Sticky Icky Buds (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
12 Never got caught (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
13 Weedy Hawks (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
14 Junglo Peace (J-Star)
15 Ganja Leaf (Manudigital)
16 Need Weed (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
17 Budz (Trinity Lofi)
18 Puff da Polis (Helgeland 8-bit Squad)
19 Weed is Sweeter (Konchis remix)